Pizza Swap Token WhitePaper

Democratic election system, voting rewards, power to community.

the pizza community aims to implement a system where its holders have a very important and vibrant role in the face of the proposals of its candidates, participating in a democratic system in blockchain your votes have the power to change the direction of the project.

because it would be feasible to vote or be a candidate ?

in this community you are not obliged to vote but voting will give you expenses in addition to changing the direction of the community, each thinking person has a different idea here called proposal, your proposal is interesting and can help the community to apply and be elected for a shift of ( * )proposals or ( * )months of government, but being elected is not easy always be mistaken with the meritocratic community always.

voting gives you the right if your candidate wins to receive (%) of his fee plus (%) of the rate of the other * openers.
being elected gives you the right in addition to governing the community implemented new ideas and proposals the elected candidate receives (
%) of his registration fee + (%) of the opponents' registration fee.

votes and rewards

Pizza Swap Token protocol use

Pizza Swap votes and rewards (1).png