Token Details


Ticker : Pizza

Token type : BEP-20  (BSC)

BSC Contract : 0xF497F490A2E302d2ab74A78D2CE0156efd63EEF5 

Total Token Supply : 10,000,000 Pizza

Circulating Supply : 4,513,389 Pizza ( as of 2021)


30% Liquidity

It will be released for liquidity and market creation.

25,4% Rewards

rewards for voting proposals for the project.

20% Private sale

sale made to jr Investimentos, blocked up to 50 million market cap.

10% Bounty Programs

will be distributed during the first year of the project.

5% First Listings

after 25 million marketcap we use this part for some good listings.

5% New partners 

we will need more help to launch this rocket, so with 30 million marktcap we will enter the market through partners

3,6% Team 

working more motivated we are a small team but soon we will be many, but we will work, 35 million an incentive to double the work!

0,1% Marketing

we need and want to appear to the whole world, it will cost to build a gigantic community, but it will be worth it!